East Providence, RI
City Council

Click the following link to open the City Council Agenda and associated documents: Agenda Link.

NOTE: This page will show the last meeting until the next meeting begins. The LIVE BROADCAST will say LIVE on the the screen. You may need to refresh your browser (F5) to view the LIVE broadcast. LIVE DVR is available on desktop browsers.

About OpenGOVideo

OpenGOVideo is revolutionizing local town meetings by making them easy and fun to watch. All politics are local. Now you can easily see what your elected city officials are doing at these meetings.

ClerkBase's new video streaming solution is a natural progression in government transparency and document access. Your council or committee meeting is recorded and time stamped to coincide with the agenda and supporting documentation. The entire experience is presented to the public in a simple interface that allows the user to watch the entire meeting, or fast-forward to those agenda items that interest them.