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ClerkBase: Hosted Transparency Solutions

What is OnBoard?

Person at computer. OnBoard board and commission manager is the easiest way to manage local government boards and commissions
“ClerkBase has saved us time by allowing us to go paperless! We save a great deal of time (and paper!) because we no longer have to make copies of all of the backup material of the agenda items for the Council members (and the public)–they view everything online. We just scan the material and ClerkBase links it to the agendas (which is also a timesaver)…and then they link the material to the meeting minutes once they are adopted.”
Susan Flynn, Town Clerk
OnBoard: Board and Commission Management for Local Governments

Introducing Applications, the add-on module for OnBoard

OnBoard Is your one-stop portal to board and commission management.

Often there is no centralized location for all membership information for each board or commission. Planning keeps its list, the municipal council keeps its list, and so on. Phone numbers and email addresses may be stored separately from membership lists, especially when accessing historical data. Contact information for people serving on multiple boards may not be updated simultaneously. Tracking vacancies and term expiration dates can be cumbersome.

OnBoard solves all these issues with a single, easy to use database. It’s easy to update member information, add new members and add new boards. It’s easily searchable and provides multiple customizable reports to meet any need.

With OnBoard it’s easy to

    • Update contact information for each member only once, no matter how many boards they’re on
    • Assign Roles and Permissions
    • Track membership over time
    • Track membership across boards
    • Have all your council and board information in one place
    • Add, edit and remove information
    • Print Board Books
    • Create mailing lists, labels and mail merges
    • Search by individual, board or any combination
    • Store mail, email and phone numbers for each member
    • Print, e-mail or export reports
    • Run term expiration reports to learn of upcoming vacancies
    • Run vacancy reports for any combination of boards
    • Create viewable, printable and exportable reports
    • Retain private information internally while publishing contact information
    • New add-on module! Receive and manage applications online:
      • allows your constituents to apply online and upload their resume
      • information goes right into OnBoard
      • validate within the program
      • once validated, information flows to the board level and can be managed by the responsible board coordinator

      **ADA Level A & AA compliant

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