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Teamwork - ClerkBase football on fieldWith the Super Bowl coming, it’s a great time to talk about teamwork. There’s no denying that effective teamwork boosts morale. When we successfully work together, it allows everyone to feel that they’re part of something positive that’s bigger than themselves.

The Department of Labor says “Teamwork involves building relationships and working with other people using a number of important skills and habits:

  • Working cooperatively
  • Contributing to groups with ideas, suggestions, and effort
  • Communication (both giving and receiving)
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Healthy respect for different opinions, customs, and individual preferences
  • Ability to participate in group decision-making”

Making ClerkBase part of your transparency team can help increase efficiency. It couldn’t be easier: send us your agenda, minutes, attachments. We’ll put them online, optimized for the web. Touchdown!

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