zombies on green background illustrating surviving the zombie apocalypse

A little pre-Halloween fun, as we learn which cities Mental Floss says are the best for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Considering things like mobility and overall fitness of residents, availability of hunting supply stores and basements, and proximity to a military base, they’ve rounded up the top 20 cities in the U.S. Based on the list, you’d best head west.

Lawn Love, who originally posted the list, also asked experts for their top considerations in fighting the undead. It turns out, their advice for surviving the zombie apocalypse is pretty much the same for any emergency. Their top suggestions: stay fit (maybe using the “Zombies! Run!” app -ha!), have a plan, and have an emergency kit.

Options vary between hunkering down and running. Both have their challenges, and at some point, you may have to do both. Be prepared for either!

Our local government professionals will also be thinking about how to keep government functioning for public safety. 2020 provided lots of experience for how to govern remotely while everyone is hunkered down, didn’t it? We provided a couple of ideas for keeping those remote meetings moving along.

Check them out, if you dare…