Do you know how many boards, commissions, and/or committees your town government has? Do you know what they do, or who’s on them?

These groups drill-down on specific interests for the governing body, such as housing, health, property assessment, etc. The members are volunteers who are appointed or assigned to focus on that specific subject, and report back to the governing body with their findings and recommendations.

It’s a lot to keep track of, for citizens, and for local government employees tasked with keeping membership records.

OnBoard logo for Board and Committee Management software for local governments

ClerkBase has created a solution to help keep all the boards, commissions, committees, and their various members organized: OnBoard.

In just a glance, you can see all the boards and their members, both current and historical. You can sort, run reports, follow individuals’ membership across various boards, and easily see which committees may need volunteers.

Below is a portion of a sample OnBoard page. Click through to learn about a committee’s mission, the history of members serving on it, available seats and more. You’ll also have a list of contacts for concerns you may have about the committee’s purview.

OnBoard Board and Commissions List

You can see that the Activities Board needs a volunteer. Just click on the board name, and you’ll find the contact information for the Board, as well as current members and their information. Click the individuals to see how to contact them with your suggestions.

OnBoard Board Member Activities

And that’s it! Easy access for residents, easy organization for municipal staff. That’s OnBoard.