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Whether you’re a manager or a coworker, you can really make someone’s day with a sincere compliment. Most of us love feeling valued and appreciated. It’s an easy way to lift someone’s mood, and your own, too. In honor of National Compliment Day (January 24), and our #HappierWithClerkBase theme for January, let’s look at the qualities of good compliments!

From a management level, this article in thebalancecareers lists the elements of good “positive feedback.”

  • Be timely – deliver your compliment or feedback as immediately as possible
  • Be specific – it shows you’re paying attention, and allows them to repeat the behavior
  • Link the positive behavior to real business results if you can

Positive feedback gives employees clarity about what you want and expect, which reduces stress. Additionally, when employees feel valued they find their work more meaningful, which builds loyalty and boosts productivity.

For coworkers, showing appreciation for their work or help should hit the same notes. NBC News’ Better blog has some tips.

  • Be sincere
  • Pay attention
  • Be specific
  • If praise is making the other person uncomfortable, try showing interest in them instead.

The benefits of compliments and good behavior don’t end there. Compliment-givers also reap rewards. According to Happify Daily, giving compliments can boost your own self-esteem. It makes you consciously look for the good in others. If people around you are happy, it stands to reason you’ll be in a more positive environment, too.

Who wouldn’t want that?

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