A bicycle leans against the wall of a building in a clean alleyway.

Spring is here, and with it comes the urge to get outside and explore. Cycling offers a healthy, eco-friendly way for residents to navigate your municipality, but is your city ready to accommodate them?

People for Bikes: A Resource for Your Community

People for Bikes, a cycling advocacy group, provides valuable tools for both cyclists and city planners. Their website allows residents to check their city’s “Bicycle Friendly Community” rating, which evaluates factors like dedicated bike lanes, traffic calming measures, and overall cycling infrastructure.

Does Your City Have a Bike Plan?

The presence of a dedicated bike plan demonstrates a city’s commitment to cycling. These plans typically outline strategies for creating a safer and more connected network of bike paths and lanes.

Engaging Your Residents

Here are some ways to leverage the People for Bikes rating and the concept of a bike plan to engage your residents:

  • Public Awareness Campaign: Highlight the benefits of cycling and the city’s current ranking. Encourage residents to visit People for Bikes’ website to learn more.
  • Community Meetings: Organize discussions to gather feedback on existing infrastructure and future plans.
  • Partner with Cycling Advocacy Groups: Collaborate with local cycling groups to host events, share resources, and promote safe cycling practices.
  • Use or Create a Cycling Advisory Board*: Volunteer citizens and designated staff can work together to help your hometown create a safe-cycling plan.

By taking these steps, you can turn your city into a haven for cyclists, leading to:

  • Increased Resident Health and Well-being: Encouraging active transportation options like cycling improves overall health within the community.
  • Reduced Traffic Congestion: As more people opt for cycling, traffic flow improves, benefiting everyone.
  • Environmental Benefits: Cycling is a clean and sustainable mode of transportation, reducing your city’s carbon footprint.

Making Your City Bike-Friendly

Spring is the perfect time to get rolling on creating a more bike-friendly city. People for Bikes offers a wealth of resources, and your residents likely have valuable insights to contribute. Working together makes cycling a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone in your community!

*OnBoardGOV can help you manage boards and commissions easily.