typewriter with "Allways chek four spelling misteaks" representative of commonly misspelled words

Now that most of us are back into the rhythm of the school year, check out this list of the most commonly misspelled search words in every state. AT&T researched the most commonly searched spellings (as in, “how to spell ______”) and came up with this interesting report.

Most municipal professionals are good spellers, but we all have those words that trip us up. Team ClerkBase sometimes sees misspellings  in the minutes and agendas we optimize. When that happens, we get in touch with our client to confirm the spelling or correction. When you’re looking at the same document over and over, it can be easy to miss a spelling error. An extra set of eyes can be helpful, and keep your documents looking clean and professional.

Do you have a common spelling bugaboo? Tell us about it in the comments!


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