Now that your desk is nice and clean, it’s time to get organizing! Apartment Therapy has 35 tips to organize your (home) office. So many of them are useful at work, too!

Desk Organizing Hacks

Here’s some of our favorite work/home crossovers:

  • Anything can be a desk organizer.
    • Repurpose a utensil organizer as a drawer divider.
    • Store often-used tools in cups on a lazy susan.
    • Or re-use your coffee pods as desk organizers, too.
  • Don’t overlook any space.
    • Maximize the space under your desk.
  • Free up desk space
    • Keep decorative items like plants up off your desk on their own stands or displays.
    • Use a laptop or monitor riser for extra storage and surface area. (You can also hack a laptop riser with just a right-sized box.)
    • Save desk-top space with a wall outlet shelf.
    • Use a clamp-on task lamp to maximize desktop space.
  • If you use storage boxes, make sure you label them.

What are your favorite space-saving hacks for the office?