ClerkBase: Hosted Transparency Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

“[I like] the fact that if we have any problems or questions, [they] are right there to help us and fix whatever it is that we are questioning.”


ClerkBase is an online records management program. This includes any kind of public document, in any format. ClerkBase is fully-searchable because every word is indexed. It is also fully customizable to meet the specific needs of each client.

The ClerkBase solution allows the public and agency personnel to access, search, retrieve and print public information in a quick and simple way, over the internet, 24 hours a day.

With ClerkBase, you don’t need to own any hardware because we do all the work. You only need to send us your minutes and agendas, along with any attachments (resolutions, ordinances, maps, letters, etc). We put everything together and even host the site.
Posting is a great first step, but if you don’t know when an event happened, you will have to open up every document to find what you are looking for. And over time, your lists of meetings will be very long. ClerkBase creates folders (a visual “table of contents”) that allow the user to quickly access a particular meeting. Our Smart Search can handle anything from a simple word match to synonyms, partial words, and regular Boolean search terms.
ClerkBase can be linked directly to your website. We can even modify the look of your ClerkBase page so it looks like the design of your website.
ClerkBase is the only product on the market that offers you high-end search capability and accessibility at a fraction of the price for other solutions. Each solution is tailored for the individual agency’s needs, but you can call us at (401) 727-1567 or email for a quote.
Telephone and email support for all users – including the public – is included with your subscription.
Yes, and even downloaded as a “hyperlinked PDF.” This makes the electronic version available offline.
Whatever makes you happy. Our contracts can be written for one year, three years, five years, up to 99 years.