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What is OnBoard?

Person at computer. OnBoard is the easiest way to manage local government boards and committees
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OnBoard: Board and Commission Management for Local Governments

Local government’s one-stop portal to board and committee management.

OnBoard meets all your board and committee management needs with a single, easy to use database. It’s easy to update member information, add new members and add new boards. It’s easily searchable and provides multiple customizable reports to me

et any need.

  • Starburst graphic with "Data Analytics Module Now Available" in textAll your council and board information in one place
    • Update contact information for each member only once, no matter how many boards they’re on
    • Search by individual, board or any combination
    • Store any and all contact methods for each member
    • Track membership over time
    • Track membership across boards
    • Identify boards with their own logos/seals (if any)
  • Reports (view, print, email, or download)
  • Run term expiration reports to learn of upcoming vacancies
    • Run vacancy reports for any combination of boards
    • Print Board Books
    • Create mailing lists, labels, mail, and blast email lists.
  • Manage internal access
    • Assign Roles and Permissions for database access
    • Retain private information internally while publishing contact information publicly to your agency’s website

Add-on Applications module:

  • Easily manage applicant through the interview process
    1. volunteers apply online and upload their resume via the module
      you control which boards accept applications
    2. information goes right into OnBoard for validation
    3. once validated, information automatically goes to the board level and can be managed by the board coordinator
  • Paperless applications, attachments of resumes and other material
  • Create pdf interview packets to print or email
  • Custom notification process

Add-on Attendance Tracker module:

  • Take attendance live at the meeting, or afterward
  • Track attendance over time with custom reports

Add-on Analytics module:

  • Quickly and easily run reports on members’ demographic data

Check out a brief demo, or call 866-676-9586 for a live in-depth look at how OnBoard can make managing your boards and committees easy.

Local government entities of fewer than 5,000 should check out the ClerkBase/OnBoard 5K Bundle

**ADA Level A & AA compliant

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