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Transparency for Constituents

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At each level, our government is made up of people we elect to represent us and make decisions that benefit us as a community.

But our public agencies can’t and shouldn’t operate in a vacuum. Whether it’s a county commission, town council, school board, or any public agency, the decision-makers need input from their constituents (that’s you!) in order to make good decisions.

In order to participate effectively, citizens need to be informed.

These are the ABC’s of how transparency works for constituents:

A. Accessibility
You have to be able to get to the information. ClerkBase puts agendas, minutes and historical documents – along with attachments – online in an intelligently searchable format. Our OpenGOVideo solution creates text-searchable video of meetings, so you can see exactly what was discussed. It provides more detail than minutes.
B. Background
In order to fully understand the current issues, the people must be able to view them in relation to previous actions. We can go back as far as your agency goes. This is great for researching current questions in their historical context.

C. Contribution
With the relevant current and historical information in-hand, you can offer feedback to your representatives. That’s meaningful participation!

ClerkBase and OpenGOVideo can help make it easier and more efficient for your public agencies to provide what you need to participate.

Whether you want to take an active role in your government’s decision-making process, or just understand it better, the ClerkBase solution has all the tools you need.

Check out our solution for Westerly, RI