ClerkBase: Hosted Transparency Solutions

Transparency for Public Agencies

ClerkBase agenda, minutes video, and commission management products let our clients manage their local government's past, present and future

We’ve talked about how transparency is the public’s oversight of its public agencies, and the ABC’s of Achieving a transparent environment.

But for public agencies, the question is a little more complex. You’re the ones who are responsible for providing the transparency your constituents want and deserve.

What sets ClerkBase apart from other solutions is that we do all the work. Rather than trying to format and process your documents for optimal web presence, and then publish them online, you just send them to ClerkBase and we take care of it for you.

There’s no new system or program to learn, no software to install, no hassle. ClerkBase takes the document that you would normally print out for your board or the public, optimizes it for online viewing, and hosts it online. In short, we make your documents – and you – look good.

Our clients report a significant decrease in the use of paper in the office, a benefit to many communities’ green initiatives as well.

For more information on ClerkBase’s simple transparency solution, contact us.