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ClerkBase: Customized Agenda Solution for Local Governments


ClerkBase agenda, minutes video, and commission management products let our clients manage their local government's past, present and future
“ClerkBase has saved us time by allowing us to go paperless! We save a great deal of time (and paper!) because we no longer have to make copies of all of the backup material of the agenda items for the Council members (and the public)–they view everything online. We just scan the material and ClerkBase links it to the agendas (which is also a timesaver)…and then they link the material to the meeting minutes once they are adopted.”
Susan Flynn, Town Clerk

ClerkBase: Service, not Software

ClerkBase is all about service. There’s no new software to install. No new process to learn. No extra work for you. In fact, it may take a task or two off your hands! ClerkBase does the work of getting your documents and video online and available for your agency, staff and constituents.

ClerkBase customizes your services based on the needs of your agency, your constituents and you. How many calls do you answer each week asking whether a specific item will be addressed at an upcoming meeting? Or where to find a specific law or ordinance? How about requesting historical information?

Whether you need to put your agendas and minutes online, livestream meetings, post codes and ordinances, or host archival documents, whether your needs are for one council or multiple committees and subcommittees, ClerkBase will custom design a solution for your needs.

ClerkBase products let you manage your past, present and future:

Historical Documentation. Many municipalities are using ClerkBase’s unlimited document storage to post past committee meeting minutes and other historical records online. They’re fully searchable, full-access archives that save clerks staff time and offer value to residents and historians alike.

Streaming Video. As most people have moved to broadband Internet connections, more and more communities are moving to streaming video as part of their transparency solution. ClerkBase’s OpenGOVideo lets you stream your meetings, then sync the video to the agenda online. Viewers can click agenda items to see specific portions of the meeting without having to fast-forward or rewind. As with all ClerkBase products, it’s fully text-searchable, and the video can be synched to the minutes as well. All that’s required are some basic equipment and the occasional mouse click.

Minutes. Using ClerkBase for your boards and committees allows you to search them all at once to get all your information. For example, if a new business opens in town, requesting a zoning variance, a building permit, and a liquor license, you can search every time this business was mentioned, from any board where it appeared. Likewise, if your board is meeting on a violation, you can easily pull up the relevant ordinances or codes.

Agendas. Your constituents will see upcoming discussion items and can search not only agendas but minutes simultaneously to track items of concern. Greater transparency means greater potential for public participation, and better-informed representation. With Clerkbase you won’t have to change your workflow. Create your agenda as you always do. We take care of the posting for you. Clerks and Councils love our pre-meeting and post-meeting management services.

There is no charge for creating a solution to fit your specific needs, no “packages” that aren’t quite what you’re looking for. We’ll create the right solution for your needs.