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Agenda Processing

Agenda Processing
“Our agenda and attachments are posted within minutes of uploading to the ftp site.”


Cheryl Fernstrom, Town of Jamestown, RI

ClerkBase has been providing transparency solutions for more than 20 years!

Rather than agenda creation, we focus on agenda processing – optimizing your agenda and supporting documents for the web. Why? Because there are so many options for free document sharing and collaboration available, we don’t want to charge our clients for one.

ClerkBase is a service.

Unlike other, software-based solutions, you won’t have to deal with:

  • New software
  • New hardware
  • Learning curve
  • Wasted staff time

We work around your schedule and integrate into your workflow to get your public documents up on the web, fully searchable and looking great.

How does it work?

With ClerkBase, there’s no software to learn or install, and no adjustment to your existing workflow. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Prepare your documents as you normally do.
  2. Send them to ClerkBase
  3. Nothing. There is no third thing.

We take it from there with:

  • Custom-designed page for your agency
  • Document proofread
  • Converted to html
  • Formatted for optimal web performance and aesthetics, retaining your agency’s unique look
  • Supporting documentation attached as hyperlinks
  • Images embedded

We do all the work, providing you with additional time to focus on other critical duties.

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