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Historical Projects


Historical Projects
“Not only does it make things easier for my office and, more importantly, anyone looking up records, it allows for better transparency in government.”


Alison Kaiser, Stowe, VT

Your documents, your way

In order to fully understand the issues on current agendas, it’s helpful to have context. Has the Council voted on this before? Did that restaurant have previous violations of a noise ordinance? What was the chain of discussion leading to a specific decision? Historical documents provide that information.

ClerkBase isn’t just for current documents or meetings. We’ll host any public documents you want to post online, organized in the way that works best for your needs. For example, we can host twenty years of your minutes, or fifty years of town meetings.

We’ll custom-tailor your online archive to match your website, creating a seamless transition for visitors.

Simple solution

Just send us your documents, and ClerkBase will convert them to searchable online content. As you know, the more content you have online, the more efficient your searches will be. We never OCR, so our accuracy is 99.995%.

You can read about Stowe, Vermont’s historical project in Stowe Today, and visit their personalized ClerkBase page.