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Our Products – ClerkBase, OnBoardGOV, PUC, Meeting Video

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“Retrieval of information is also quick and simple.”
Susan Flynn, South Kingstown, Rhode Island


Our agenda, minutes and public documents storage and retrieval solution. Customized to fit seamlessly with your agency’s site and workflow.


Board and Committee management database. Easily track and report membership, history, vacancies, attendance, volunteer applications, and more.

Now with add-on Applications, Certification Tracker, Analytics, and Attendance modules!

Meeting Video

Put your meeting video online for greater transparency. Time stamped video is linked to the agenda and minutes, and fully text-searchable. Compatible with Zoom, YouTube and other video platforms.

ClerkBase PUC

Easy access to information from the RI Division of Public Utilities & Carriers and the Public Utilities Commission at your fingertips.

Our Public Utilities solution is available for other agencies as well!