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Meeting Minutes


“Having ClerkBase manage Town Council agendas and minutes, as well as ordinances and resolutions, is wonderful. It is a great paperless filing system that provides me with great organization of materials and easy retrieval of information.”


Deputy Town Clerk

Hosting your minutes on ClerkBase is fast and easy. Just as with Agenda Processing, you send in your documents, and our staff of professionals will proofread and post the minutes and corresponding attachments.

Your documents are organized the way you want them, and “find-able” using our Smart Search utility.

How does it work?

Just like with agendas, your document creation and preparation remain the same. When your documents are ready, simply send them to ClerkBase. We take it from there with:

  • Custom-designed page for your agency
  • Document proofread
  • Converted to html
  • Formatted for optimal web performance and aesthetics, retaining your agency’s unique look
  • Supporting documentation attached as hyperlinks
  • Images embedded

We do all the work, providing you with additional time to focus on other critical duties.

There is no charge for creating a solution to fit your specific needs, no “packages” that aren’t quite what you’re looking for. We’ll create the right solution for your needs.