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“[They] do the filing, linking and storing…it doesn’t get any easier than that.”
Anne M. Irons, Town of Narragansett, RI

Place information from the RI Division of Public Utilities & Carriers and the Public Utilities Commission at your fingertips. Only ClerkBase PUC enables you to access dockets, orders and filings online. Search by word, docket number, commissioner, order number, or case name.

As legal counsel, you need the power of information. ClerkBase PUC gives you that power by allowing you to quickly and easily find and access information that is relevant to you and your cases.

ClerkBase PUC is free of charge. Try it for free or contact us for more information.

Benefits of ClerkBase PUC:

  • Save time with the easy-to-use software (with standard Windows interface)
  • Enjoy unlimited access to state PUC information
  • Access the full text of all PUC orders
  • Take advantage of comprehensive docket tracking
  • Search by self-defined keywords and/or multiple criteria, including docket number, order number, case name, and company name
  • Rely on new information that is updated daily
  • Benefit from data delivered via web site, giving you 24/7 unlimited access
  • Review hundreds of orders in seconds
  • Transfer paragraphs or whole pages to word processing
  • Access comprehensive information, including

PUC Orders(1971-Present)
RIGL – Title 39 – Public Utilities & Carriers
Commission Rules
Division Rules
Siting Board Orders
RIGL – Title 42 – Chapter 98 -Energy Facility Siting Act
Energy Facility Siting Board – Rules of Practice & Procedure