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Video Streaming

Meeting Video Streaming
“In order to further cut costs and provide a better service to our residents, we have terminated our live streaming with our current provider and have signed a contract with ClerkBase…a live streaming solution at a significantly lesser cost and the system is better supported and easier to use…”


Sandra Giovanelli, Town Clerk - Town of Cumberland, RI
Video Streaming

OpenGOVideo’s premier meeting video solution for public agencies provides live and on-demand video streaming of meetings and public service announcements.

With OpenGOVideo premier, your council or committee meeting is streamed live, and simultaneously recorded and time stamped to coincide with the agenda and supporting documentation.

The entire experience is presented to your constituents in a simple interface that allows the user to watch the entire meeting video, or back up or jump to those agenda items that interest them. Time-stamped meeting video links are added to documents, allowing users to view discussion for specific topics.

Premier features include:

  • Pre-installation consultation
  • Live streaming of meetings
  • Perpetual archive
  • Meeting and non-meeting videos
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Time stamped video linked to agenda and minutes
  • Software updates

More than one size fits all!
OpenGOVideo is completely customizable to your agency’s needs.

  • BasicLive: Livestream only
  • BasicStamp: Post-meeting hosting only, without live stream
  • Custom: Time-stamp of agendas and/or minutes within your existing video solution

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