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Codification and Charters

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“I like the fact that when I send something over and it is posted very quickly. I also like the fact that the site will become a historical data center for the public to access.”
Lisa Riddle, Town of Colchester, VT

ClerkBase works with you and your codification company to acquire code and charter documents. Publishing this information alongside agenda, minutes, video and other critical documents allows your organization and constituents to search across all relevant documents in one all-inclusive webpage, and increasing transparency with greater context.

ClerkBase puts it all online on custom-designed pages for each community. No cookie-cutter codes and charters here. Formatting and set-up are as unique as your community’s needs. Your documents look good, and you look good.

Finding what you need in your public documents is easy using our industry-leading search function, which is included in all our document processing products.

If you are not currently working with a codification company, ClerkBase can help you find one that best suits your needs.