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We’re shining a spotlight on Greenville, South Carolina, a shining example of how OnBoardGOV can revolutionize board and committee management. For years, Greenville has been leveraging the OnBoardGOV platform to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and simplify board applications.

Greenville’s journey with OnBoardGOV began with City Clerk Camilla Pitman, a recognized expert on volunteer recruitment for local governments. Impressed by the platform’s capabilities, Pitman promoted its adoption by the City Council. And with good reason!

OnBoardGOV has transformed the way Greenville manages its boards and committees. Here are just a few of the ways:

  • Simplified workflows: No more paper-based chaos! OnBoardGOV has replaced cumbersome manual processes with digital solutions, saving time and resources. City staff can now easily update board and member information, track membership over time and across boards, and run pre-made and custom reports.
  • Enhanced transparency: The platform fosters a transparent environment by providing public access boards, their charges, and the board members who represent them. This transparency builds trust with the community and ensures everyone is kept in the loop.
  • Customization: OnBoardGOV allows you to embed or link board information into your website, or customize colors for a seamless visual experience.

But Greenville’s appreciation for OnBoardGOV doesn’t stop there.

They’ve also taken advantage of the Applications module to streamline their online application management process. This module allows applicants to easily submit applications electronically, and staff to track their progress and distribute the applications to the right boards. This not only saves staff time but also provides a more user-friendly experience for applicants.

Greenville’s success story is a testament to the power of OnBoardGOV to transform board and committee management. By embracing technology and innovation, Greenville has created a more efficient, transparent, and volunteer-friendly system that benefits everyone involved.

How would streamlined board management help you and your municipality?

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