Over the river and through the woods, you’ll find many historic bridges. These bridges play a vital role in our local government infrastructure, connecting communities and representing a bygone era. Who doesn’t love a covered bridge, or old stone span?

Demolition or replacement threatens many historic bridges due to age, deterioration, or safety concerns. Local governments play a vital role in preserving these bridges. The Historic Bridge Foundation has resources to help them “devise reasonable alternatives to demolishing or adversely affecting” their historic bridges:

The Foundation offers technical assistance to local governments for bridge inspection, rehabilitation, and preservation techniques. This can help local governments to develop plans to preserve their bridges in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

They can help local governments find and apply for funding for bridge preservation projects. This may include federal, state, and private grants, as well as tax credits and other incentives.

The Foundation also offers support to local governments in promoting awareness and education about the value of historic bridges and the benefits of preserving them. This can include developing educational materials, hosting public events, and working with the media.

By working together with the Foundation, local governments can preserve their historic bridges and keep their legacies alive for future generations.

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