Henderson, NV OnBoard page

Henderson, NV OnBoard page

City of Henderson, NV, Implements New Management System To Attract More Applicants to Boards and Commissions

HENDERSON, NV – November 1, 2019 – The City of Henderson, NV, has implemented OnBoard, a board and committee management system city officials say will save time and money, and attract more applicants to serve on citizen advisory bodies.

The new system, OnBoard, one of ClerkBase’s suite of open government solutions, allows city staff to update contact information for board members, track membership, print board books, create mailing lists, run term expiration reports, and much more.

OnBoard provides users with the ability to easily make updates to contact information; track membership over time and across boards; create mailing lists, labels and mail merges; store mail, email and phone numbers for each member; generate reports related to upcoming vacancies; and retain private information internally while publishing contact information to the web. The Applications add-on module allows constituents to apply online, and client users to receive and manage applications through the OnBoard program.

“OnBoard was selected to assist in our digital transformation efforts by bringing City Board and Commission information to a transparent, easy-to-use platform,” said City Clerk Sabrina Mercandante. “Residents can view general information, historical membership, vacant seats, and apply online.”

Henderson is continually seeking volunteers to serve on various boards and commissions. Residents with an interest in serving on a board or commission can now use the online application form supported by OnBoard, cityofhenderson.com/apply. Additional information regarding the City’s Boards and Commissions can be found using the Boards and Commissions Portal.

“OnBoard improves board management and makes it more efficient in terms of money spent and time saved,” says ClerkBase President Jay Rosenfield. “Henderson and other municipalities across the country have discovered that board management can be improved with the right tool.”

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