Municipal clerks understand the importance of using the right language. Still, even the most seasoned among us can make mistakes. Lifehacker shared a slideshow of 10 Common Grammar Rules You’re Probably Messing Up All the Time. Even better, they showed how to remember the right usage.

Your parents may have taught you about how to remember when to use “who” and “whom” – if you can substitute the word “him,” use “whom.” Likewise, whether to say “and me” or “and I.” Take the other person out of the sentence, and would you say “I” or “me”? Use the same pronoun when adding the other person.

Lifehacker’s article has a fun one. “If I was vs. If I were.”

gold dragon statue on a black background

It’s a matter of reality vs. fantasy.

“If I were a dragon, I would breathe fire.” (fantasy) “If I wasn’t into dragons, I wouldn’t have thought of this metaphor.” (reality)

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