Computer screen with virtual meeting

That first few minutes of a remote meeting can be a little awkward. You can break the ice before you get down to business with these tips from GovLoop. Hint: most will work for in-person meetings, too!

1. Ask a simple question.

GovLoop offers some great examples!

2. Show off your work-from-home set up.

Bring a personal item from your desk to show-and-tell

3. Build a pump-up playlist!

From home or work, this could be one of the simple questions above.

4. Play two truths and a lie.

We think this is a great idea. We’re definitely doing it at our next staff meeting. We’re updating our logo color to orange.

5. Draw your mood.

Can’t draw? The Internet can help: emojis

6. Have a new hobby? Show it off!

Bring in that knitting, loaf of bread, bunch of flowers, or whatever you’re working on.

7. Lead a 5-minute exercise.

Keep that employee fitness motivation going!

8. Show your favorite picture in your home.

A picture on your phone will work in the office.



h/t govloop