We’ve heard by now that helping others leads to happiness. Ahead of the 25th Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, we’re looking at opportunities to be of service to the community.

25th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Last year, ICMA published a post about how cities and towns help their communities embrace Dr. King’s legacy of community service. Here are a few ideas:

  • Activities to encourage community service
  • Awards to community member leaders and volunteers
  • Outreach and awareness for service agencies and partnerships
  • Presentations about Dr. King and his legacy

If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities or community partners in your area, or want to share your own opportunities, NationalService.gov has you covered with their Local Volunteer Opportunities search. They can also help you organize and share your own event!

How will your hometown recognize the day? Share pictures of your events on social media and tag us @ClerkBase on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!