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National League of Cities released their America Works Report. The report examines the “five key drivers” that will shape workplace changes over the next decade, and what local governments can do.

They identify the five key drivers as:

  1. “The robots are coming, but the workers are not” – more workers will need training in the context of automation
  2. “Flexibility of work will usher in the era of villages, in cities big and small” – economies will decentralize from business districts and move into neighborhoods
  3. “The urban housing crisis will continue as demand exceeds supply” – the housing crisis will continue to exacerbate racial and social inequalities
  4. “Workers will demand the American Dream” – costs of housing and childcare have become unsustainably high
  5. “Climate change will be the defining challenge and economic opportunity for cities” – creative solutions to the effects of climate change can create employment opportunities

These changes can affect communities of all sizes, and local governments are poised to provide the right environment and opportunities for solutions.

The report also outlines steps and solutions to adapt to the changing workplace environment, with advice from experts and case studies from cities of all sizes.

How is your community experiencing or preparing for these changes?